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Foot & Ankle

Your feet and ankles take a beating every day. While they are amazingly strong and resilient, they are highly susceptible to chronic conditions such as nerve damage, arthritis, poor blood circulation, diabetes, and infection – conditions that can cause painful ulcers or sores and deformities.

Acute problems such as sports injuries, fractures, sprains, and other traumatic injuries can also stop you in your tracks.

Watauga Orthopaedics is proud to have on our team the only fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialists in the Tri-Cities. From sports injuries to accidents to chronic foot and ankle conditions, Dr. Jason Fogleman and Karen McRae have the experience and expertise to give your problem the specialized care it requires.

After making a diagnosis, Drs. Fogleman or McRae will create a treatment plan that is right for you. Some of the most common foot and ankle disorders we treat include:

We will always try to first treat your injury or condition without surgery. Conservative treatments may include physical or occupational therapy, PRP therapy, or medication.

Should you require surgery, however, our doctors are highly skilled at performing all types of foot and ankle surgeries, including:

Don’t let painful foot and ankle problems interfere with your life. Use our online system or call (423) 282-9011. We have three offices to serve you in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia.