Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

by Yenny (SU)

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure done to remove damaged components of a joint and replace them with artificial pieces that will take on their functions. There are 2 types of replacement surgery – partial and total.

Partial joint replacement surgery is recommended if a part of a joint has been damaged and needs replacement. An example would be if a hip joint that needs the ball (head of the femur bone) of a ball and socket joint replaced but not the socket (in the pelvic bone). In such a situation, you would only get an artificial piece to replace the ball, while the socket remains intact.

Total joint replacement surgery is recommended when the entire joint is damaged beyond repair and needs replacement. This is common after a traumatic injury or when arthritic damage has progressed significantly. Total joint replacement surgery is more extensive and complicated to do. It often requires a longer recovery time and results in more extensive scarring.

You may be wondering why an orthopedic surgeon would recommend this procedure over other less invasive procedures and treatments. Joint replacement surgery has many benefits. Examples include: 

Long-Term Relief

Joint replacement surgery offers long-term relief. No medication, injection, or exercise can give you the results that joint replacement surgery can. This is because when components of a joint are damaged, these other treatments simply can't fix it. While they may help reduce symptoms and help you carry out day-to-day activities with ease and less pain, they do not actually fix the damage in the joint. Joint replacement surgery does this and can help alleviate symptoms for several years at a time – sometimes even decades.

Addressing the Root Cause

Joint replacement surgery directly tackles and fixes the root cause of your joint pain. This means, your surgeon will be less focused on symptom management and more on root cause treatment. Once the cause of your joint pain and symptoms is addressed, you won't have to worry about taking pain medication, injections, and other treatments because the cause of your issues will have been fixed.


Joint replacement surgery is a versatile procedure that can be done on many joints in your body, including the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee. This makes the procedure useful for a lot of joint problems.   

Reduced Drug Dependency

Another benefit of joint replacement surgery is that it can wean you off of pain medications. Many people cannot function a day without taking pain relievers. These may alleviate your pain symptoms temporarily, but they can take a toll on your body and its functions. Joint replacement surgery can reduce your dependency on drugs by helping to fix the cause of your pain, so you need to take less of it in the future.

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