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Sports Medicine

No matter what type or level of athlete you are – whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional athlete – being sidelined by an injury is no fun. When you want to return to your pre-injury level of activity, you can count on the sports medicine experts at Watauga Orthopaedics.

As the team physicians for several area high schools and colleges, as well as professional and Olympic athletes, our doctors lead the region in diagnosing and successfully treating sports-related injuries such as:

Watauga Orthopaedics is one of a limited number of practices in northeast Tennessee or southwest Virginia to offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy – one of the most innovative and minimally invasive treatments for sports injuries available today. PRP therapy uses your own blood cells to stimulate the natural healing process and decrease the pain associated with acute and chronic tendon and ligament injuries. Learn more about PRP therapy.

Head Injuries

A head injury, or even a mere blow to the head, should never be overlooked. Concussions not only occur when an athlete suffers a blow to the head, but they can also occur when the head and upper body are shaken violently. The symptoms may not appear for hours or days, so it is important to follow some basic safety precautions.

If it looks like an athlete may have suffered a blow to the head or other violent action involving the head, immediately remove the player from the game, regardless of how the athlete claims he or she feels. Inform the athlete’s parents or guardian(s) and have the athlete checked by an experienced head trauma healthcare provider.

Concussion symptoms to look for are dizziness, stunned or dazed expressions, delayed replies to questions, confusion, forgetfulness, and mood swings. If the athlete blacks out, even for a brief moment, go to the emergency room or call 911.

Athletes who have suffered concussions have claimed to have a headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other balance problems, blurred or double vision, fatigue, sensitivity to light, and/or confusion.

Head injuries are no joke and should be monitored closely. In most cases, athletes should not return to play until cleared by a professional healthcare provider.

Orthopedic Urgent Care

For immediate treatment of a sports injury, visit our orthopedic urgent care clinic. From fractures to ankle sprains to torn ligaments and tendons, you’ll receive same-day care from one of our orthopedic doctors. No appointment is necessary – you can walk right in!

It’s much more convenient and affordable than the emergency room, and you’ll receive care from a sports medicine specialist, which you won’t find at a general walk-in medical clinic. For your convenience, orthopedic urgent care is available at all three of our offices.

Comprehensive Care for Sports-Related Injuries

If you're an injured athlete who needs to schedule an appointment, our online system or call us at (423) 282-9011 and we’ll get you back in the game as soon as possible! For acute injuries that need to be seen immediately, visit our orthopedic urgent care clinic, open Monday-Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.